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Le's Alien

  • Full Name: Nurul Afiffa binti Rossaffie
  • Age: 14 y/o
  • Nickname: Suhooooo
  • Stay at: Georgetown, Penang.
  • Religion: Islam. Proud to be :D
  • Hobbies: fangirling, online, twittering, facebooking, blogging, reading novel.
  • Blogging: Newbies here !
  • My prince: Cuteyyy :*

Assalamualaikum, I don't know what kind of my blog. But this not BLOGSKIN. It officially mine. I describing my blog by grey and blue but sometimes pink. Yeah, weird isn't it? That why I named my blog The Weird Me. Grey to me is happiness. Blue to me is sadness and pink to me is my life. For sure, if you get bored of my oh-not-awesome-story, you may exit immediately. Thanks. If you mind please follow me. By the way thanks cause stepped into my unprivate diary. I am kpopper and it my pleasure for to write bout kpop. So, who one of my follower are spammer, hackers kpop haters, please stay from your hand to type my blog link. And again thank. Ppyong~

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